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Search & Modification

Query any information from your electrical distribution systems and quickly access the right information online or offline.

In addition, modern data visualization allows competent professionals to quickly identify the limits of electrical installations and to foresee budgets and consequent technical requirements, and this, remotely.

Shutdown planning

Shutting down equipment means knowing the detailed repercussions of that shutdown. To adequately carry out this task, a detailed analysis must be carried out.

PowerTree simplifies these analyzes and makes it possible to annotate the loads according to past experiences in order to reduce risk. In addition, the tool allows you to add comments on the risk mitigation means.

Report & History

It is mandatory to keep a list of works carried out involving loads of 10 kW and more. PowerTree allows you to keep track of changes made and generate this list without additional administrative effort.

Whether it is a subcontractor or an employee, you’ll be able to know who did what and where at any given time.

Integrate PowerTree with Core Digital Systems

PowerTree integrates with core digital systems to ensure seamless workflow and optimal user experience. The PowerTree API is built to enable you to create custom integrations quickly and easily.

Technological advantages


A few days to set up. Our solution quickly organizes all of your electrical data into one easy-to-use interface.


All information is accessible from any device via a modern web browser.


Customization of information labels and user permissions according to role and location.


PowerTree integrates with leading CMMS and EHS to ensure a streamlined workflow and an optimal user experience.


Designed for uninterrupted uptime and accessible at all times online and offline.


Your data belongs to you and is confidential. Our solution meets all of the strictest SaaS security standards.

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