About Us

Our mission - empower maintenance electricians with reliable and easy-to-access information.

Our Story

The idea behind PowerTree was inspired when Mateusz, a 10 year veteran of the electrical engineering industry, witnessed first-hand the large scale problem of outdated electrical documentation for maintenance electricians and electrical engineers.

The sheer magnitude of this problem prompted Mateusz to partner with his long time school friend David — (a successful sales executive) and Colin — (an experienced startup CTO) to come up with an ingenious solution that would simplify the lives of maintenance directors while improving electricians' health and safety.

PowerTree was founded in 2018 - the result is what you see today.

Our name

The name PowerTree pays tribute to electrical building plans that visually represent the branches of a living tree. Similarly, to how trees breathe life powering oxygen, so too is PowerTree breathing life into the outdated, legacy electrical maintenance and engineering sector.

Made with love in Montréal

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